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The Many Variants and Uses of Toyota Hi-Lux

The Toyota Hilux series is consists of compact pickup trucks which are manufactured and marketed by Toyota Motor Corp. The name Hilux, which is widely used in most countries, has been changed in 1976 in favor of the names compact truck, truck, and pickup truck. The camper version of Toyota Hilux was renamed as the 4Runner in North America and Australia and as the Toyota Hilux Surf in Japan.

Toyota Hilux exceeds some of the tough safety standards of Toyota with regular maintenance. The vehicle features cruise control, air conditioning standard, front pre-tensioning seatbelts, and a Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) body. Toyota Hilux is designed to provide both comfort and safety to passengers. It has gained a reputation for its exceptional reliability and sturdiness and is often referred to as the indestructible truck. Swedish automobile magazine Teknikens Värld had conducted an evasive maneuver test for the Toyota Hilux in October 2007 which revealed the deficient maneuverability of Hilux pickup truck in turning at moderate speed. The New Zealand Army and the United States Special Forces use Toyota Hilux as one of their improvised fighting vehicles for their troops in Afghanistan and especially in the Third World conflicts. The Toyota War between Chad and Libya has been widely known because the Chad Army used the Toyota Hilux as their Light cavalry vehicles. Moreover, 37 customized Hiluxes are reportedly being used by China’s People Liberation Army and they are also used in wars in Iraq as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). Furthermore, the Toyota Hilux was utilized in the special episode of the television program “Top Gear” in which James May and Jeremy Clarkson raced using a customized Hilux 2005 model heading to the magnetic north pole. In addition, the fourth generation of Toyota Hilux was also the vehicle mode used for Transformers Autobots Trailbreaker and Hoist.


Hard Tonneau Covers

If you are looking for the perfect solution in making sure that that the bed and its contents are properly protected and hidden from view, consider what the hard tonneau covers can deliver. These are simply truck covers that are installed and fitted at the back of trucks and pickups so that the cargoes can be protected and concealed when travelling. These are referred to as the hard covers since the materials used in the making of these covers are tougher and more durable if compared to the other major type of tonneau cover. With its tougher look and tougher construction, these covers provide total security and complete toughness for the pickup. And when properly selected, these covers can also help define the looks and the complete ‘attitude’ of the truck.

What makes these covers tougher than the usual are the materials used. Usually, the most common material chosen as the base material for these covers is fiberglass. But other manufacturers opted for other materials, but still retaining the basic durability and reliability requirements. And in order to fortify these covers, most manufacturers add a number of other accessories. For example, some of the leading hard tonneau covers include the dual key locks and the over-the-tailgate shape that maximizes security.

These hard tonneau covers do come in specific types, and ultimately your choice will be dependent on actual needs. Of the many sub-types of these hard covers the most popular ones are the retracting hard cover, the hinging hard covert and the hard folding cover. The retracting hard tonneau cover is your choice when it comes to style in function. The cover easily retracts when you want to access the back of the pickup. This is usually made from rigid aluminum or rigid aluminum material that features vinyl lamination on its plates. The other specific type of hard tonneau cover is the hinging hard tonneau cover. The common materials used for this cover are ABS plastic and fiberglass. Then there is the hard folding tonneau cover. Choose this kind of cover when you are looking for tough coverage for the bed. Remember that both the soft tonneau covers and the hard tonneau covers perform similar role, but when it comes to better toughness and security the ‘hard ones’ hold the advantage.

What are Tonneau Covers?

There are truck accessories that are used to heighten the styling of the truck like chrome accessories, and there are those accessories that serve its functional roles. Count the tonneau covers as examples of the functional exterior accessories that provide roles for the truck and the drivers. These are simply covers that are fitted at the back of the vehicle that protect and conceal the cargo. The moment the cover has been pulled out, the items are protected from the sun and the cover ensures that a little privacy can be offered to the cargoes. These covers come in different styles for different needs.

Right now, the most common types of the tonneau covers are the roll up types. These are usually made from cloth or from vinyl and make use of the rib-like structure in order to support the fabric. The other types of tonneau covers are of the retractable type. These are often mounted on the front and the sides of the truck bed and these can be retracted from the tailgate of the pickup towards the cab of the vehicle. The retractable ones are usually made from three major materials which include vinyl, plastic and aluminum. A check with some of the online providers of these covers will reveal that these covers may be categorized as hard and soft truck bed covers. Now the choice will be dependent on the degree of protection that you want for the truck bed. Also, by checking on the available covers online, for sure you will be overwhelmed with the big number of choices from differences in colors to varying construction. You may even find the truck bed liner as another type of protection.So what’s the best way to get the best cover for your pickup? If you are looking for covers, it’s best to be guided by some factors. Consider the following factors when you are shopping for these covers:

• The budget for these covers;

• The frequency of carrying large amount of loads and how many times you will need to access the bed;

• The kind of additional styling that you need for the bed;

• The kind of bed security that you want and;

• The weather condition in your locality.

Get all of these concerns into play if you want but the best tonneau covers for your pickup. Just remember that the reliability and durability should come first, and looks and styling should come in next.