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The Many Variants and Uses of Toyota Hi-Lux

The Toyota Hilux series is consists of compact pickup trucks which are manufactured and marketed by Toyota Motor Corp. The name Hilux, which is widely used in most countries, has been changed in 1976 in favor of the names compact truck, truck, and pickup truck. The camper version of Toyota Hilux was renamed as the 4Runner in North America and Australia and as the Toyota Hilux Surf in Japan.

Toyota Hilux exceeds some of the tough safety standards of Toyota with regular maintenance. The vehicle features cruise control, air conditioning standard, front pre-tensioning seatbelts, and a Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) body. Toyota Hilux is designed to provide both comfort and safety to passengers. It has gained a reputation for its exceptional reliability and sturdiness and is often referred to as the indestructible truck. Swedish automobile magazine Teknikens Värld had conducted an evasive maneuver test for the Toyota Hilux in October 2007 which revealed the deficient maneuverability of Hilux pickup truck in turning at moderate speed. The New Zealand Army and the United States Special Forces use Toyota Hilux as one of their improvised fighting vehicles for their troops in Afghanistan and especially in the Third World conflicts. The Toyota War between Chad and Libya has been widely known because the Chad Army used the Toyota Hilux as their Light cavalry vehicles. Moreover, 37 customized Hiluxes are reportedly being used by China’s People Liberation Army and they are also used in wars in Iraq as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). Furthermore, the Toyota Hilux was utilized in the special episode of the television program “Top Gear” in which James May and Jeremy Clarkson raced using a customized Hilux 2005 model heading to the magnetic north pole. In addition, the fourth generation of Toyota Hilux was also the vehicle mode used for Transformers Autobots Trailbreaker and Hoist.


2012 Toyota Hi-Lux: More Fun, More Power

My girlfriend added that I should get a second-hand car. She just loves to travel, and yes I love travelling as well. Actually, I’m starting to save so that I can have my own second-hand car more like a Toyota or Honda vehicle- not too fancy, just right for city driving and for travel needs. But if and I’ll say this again, I have the means then I am strongly considering Toyota Hi-Lux. This is just a power player on and off the road, and this is tried and tested. I have seen how this worked when I was still connected with a construction company. This is the kind of vehicle that gets used in visiting unpaved roads and rough and rocky project sites, and the Toyota Hi-Lux delivers.

I know there are many fans of the Hi-Lux out there. And the good news is that the 2012 Toyota Hi-Lux is available, back with new designs and extra power. Based on multiple resources, the latest touch on the Hi-Lux features a new upper dashboard design with new, horizontal center instrument cluster. On the exterior, expect to find new bonnet, radiator grille, headlamps and front bumper. By the way, the 2012 Toyota Hi-Lux will come in four trims, the DLX, Hi-Lux DLX+, SR and Toyota Hi-Lux SR+. When it comes to body styles, choose from Single Cab, Extra and Double Cab. When it comes to power, expect 106 kW and 343 N m of torque and lower fuel consumption if compared with previous models.

Toyota Hilux Accessories

Pickups are destined for things other than city driving. There’s a reason why pickups like the Hilux is selected, and you should be aware of these as well if you are one of those blessed to drive a Toyota Hilux. You should also maximize the worth and the design of the Toyota pickup in order to get the best out of the vehicle. Now getting the best of the Toyota Hilux is easy thanks to a good number of exterior Toyota Hilux accessories. And the use of the accessories help the pickup realizes its true worth and potential on and off the road. For example, if you are looking at the Hilux as a partner for outdoor activities then there is a complete set of Toyota Hilux accessories that can be fitted that ensures that the vehicle can perform its role for the driver and the group.

One perfect accessory for the Hilux Double Cab is the sports cover hard lid. Depending on the provider, the quality of the elegantly designed cover cannot be questioned. Most of these covers are made from ABS plastic and fully lockable thus it would be easy for the driver to transport things and loads. The locks are fitted on the two catches which can be found on each rear corners. At least, through the use of the catches the cargoes will not fall off. Another good accessory that can complement outdoor activities is the aluminum mountain top hard cover. This accessory is best for the Hilux variants of double cab, extra cab and the single cab. This accessory can serve as a hard and flat tonneau cover and works as a highly functional bed cover. Similar with the sports cover hard lid, the use of this accessory ensures that cargoes carried by the Hilux will not fall off. This accessory is easy to install and easy to detach as well.

There are hundreds of other Toyota Hilux accessories that are available online. Some are genuine Toyota accessories and some are provided by aftermarket accessory suppliers. Your choice will ultimately depend on personal preferences. What is clear is that these Toyota Hilux accessories are needed, and there comes a point when these will be used to replace the damaged stock ones.

New Look for 2012 Toyota Hi-Lux?

Can we expect a modified version and a new look for our favorite pick-up, Toyota Hi-Lux? While researching on some of my topics and assigned tasks for the day, I happened to check out this news item saying that the latest pictures of 2012 Toyota Hi-Lux were revealed ahead of the official unveiling of the model on July 1. Based on the news reports, this latest version of the popular Toyota Hi-Lux will be unveiled in Australia on July 1, and will be on sale three months after its local unveiling. Check the link for the picture of the newest 2012 Toyota Hi-Lux, and the news item further reveals that that the headlights used are bolder and squarer and are similar to the LandCruiser 200 Series. While there are changes on the front end and the accessories of the pick-up, there were no reported major modifications on the engines and transmission. Let’s wait and see for the official unveiling of this Toyota pick-up.

Toyota Hilux 2011

In the automotive industry, there is that group of vehicles that are built through advertisement and propped up by clever advertising ploy. And there is that group of vehicles on the other hand that allow its reputation to speak for itself. Consider the Toyota Hilux 2011 as part of the second group of vehicles; that group known for performance and reliability. The Hilux is actually part of that series of compact pickup trucks issued by Toyota Motor Corporation. In other markets, the pickup is known by other name. Whether the pickup retains the Hilux name or assumes another name, it’s all just about the name and the real performance of the pickup remains the same.

The pickup has been available for a number of generations now, and the latest is the seventh generation in the series that includes the Toyota Hilux 2011. For the latest generation of the Hilux vehicles, these pickups made use of the modified version of the ladder frame that can be found in the earlier generations of the Hilux. The size of the pickup has increased as well, thus allowing this pickup to be renamed as a mid-size pickup. Depending on the market where the pickup will be distributed, the point of assembly varies. For example, for the pickups that are distributed in the Asian and the Australian markets the pickups are constructed and assembled in Thailand. For the pickups that will be introduced in the European markets, the assembly area is in Durban, South Africa.

For the 2011 version of the Hilux that is issued by Toyota primarily for the European and the United Kingdom markets come in three engine choices- the 3.0 automatic, the3.0 manual and the 2.5 manual engine. The Toyota Hilux 3.0 automatic submits a maximum speed of 108.68 miles per hour and can go from zero to 62 miles per hour in just 11.6 seconds. And for the 2.5 manual engine, the top speed registered officially based on the website is 105.57 miles per hour and can move from zero to 62 miles per hour in 12.5 seconds. For all these three engine types, there are differences but these are minimal. Overall, whatever body type is chosen or what engine is selected still the Hilux reputation continues. And when it comes to Hilux including the latest 2011 version, it’s all about sturdiness and reliability.

Complaints trouble Toyota

Toyota, once considered mighty is now being troubled by recalls and safety concerns. It has been reported that there were concerns on the reliability of the brakes found on Toyota Prius, considered as the biggest-selling hybrid vehicle. The concern is that the 2010 Prius can surge forward the moment the driver brake at low speed and on a slippery surface, or this may happen after the Prius hit a minor bump. The Prius issue is not the only one troubling the mighty car maker. It has been reported as well that the company recalled some units for the sticking accelerator pedals. Reports have it that this affected 2.3 million Toyota vehicles. With these issues, sales are slumping and the carmaker is troubled.

Lexus slips, Jaguar and Buick topped list

Lexus found its match; after a long time at being on top of the most dependable nameplate, two nameplates bumped Lexus off the top spot. Lexus of Toyota is no longer on top JD Power and Associate’s dependability survey. For this year’s ranking, two names tied for the most dependable nameplate and these are Jaguar and Buick. According to Neal Oddes who is the director of product research and analysis at JD Power, Buick and Jaguar both lead the industry in name plate performance. This doesn’t mean though that Lexus is no longer reliable. In terms of individual model performance, Lexus and Toyota still do very very well.

Lexus may have lost its number 1 ranking to Buick and Jaguar, but still the nameplate swept the top awards in four segments and Toyota took also five awards.

This annual survey measures the problems experienced by the original owners of vehicles after three years. And if these are the cars that are considered to be most reliable with less issues and problems on the road, then there is also that nameplate that is often associated with a number of issues. Of the 37 brands that were assessed by JD Power Associates, the Suzuki owners reported the most issues.

Toyota, Honda on top of Consumer Reports

In the issue of the magazine that will hit newsstands this March, Toyota is listed by Consumer Reports as one of the leading names when it comes to quality and reliable cars and trucks. Detroit automakers on the other hand topped one category. This was announced by the top editors of the magazine Thursday. This is just one of the many validations that the Japanese carmaker has gained ground and continues to  dominate when it comes to quality and reliable cars and trucks. The editors of the said magazine also noted the fact that the industry is under a tough economic test. Toyota took home the honors for the best mid-sized SUV for the Toyota Highlander.  Toyota also netted the best small SUV for its Rav4 and the Toyota Sienna was named as the best mini van. Toyota Motors is considered as the leading name for the year among individual categorie as it wins in four categories which also include the green car. And for the best over-all vehicle, then the honor goes to Lexus-made Lexus LS 460 which is the luxury division of Toyota.

Honda Motors is a big winner too, as this Japanese automaker was named as the top automaker for the third year in a row. The rankings of the company was based on the performance and the reliability of the vehicle. And these are determined thru testing and customer surveys. Honda tops the overall list with Subaru coming in second and Toyota was third. Asian car manufacturers are doing well for the third year in a row. According to an editor of Consumer Reports, Honda tend to build well-rounded vehicles that do well in CR tests and in customer reliability surveys.

General Motors scored for Chevrolet Avalanche as best pick-up, and this was the only top vehicle for General Motors. This replaced Chevy Silverado 1500.

Japan is home to the world’s largest carmaker

General Motors is now ranked number 2, and the number one carmaker is located in Japan. This came after General Motors fell by 11 percent. This is the year that General Motors celebrated its 100th year in the business. This does not mean that Toyota has no problems, sales for the company fell too and it just happens that the problems besetting General Motors are more critical. In a statement,  General Motors said that it sold 8.35 million vehicles for 2008 and this figure is 620,000 fewer than Toyota’s 8.97 million. Sales of GM fell 11 percent and sales of Toyota declined 4 percent. General Motors had been the largest carmaker in the planet since it overtook Ford in 1931.

Drop in Toyota’s global sales

Cooling Toyota

Cooling Toyota

You could say that there is something serious in the industry when the giant says that it is also losing. And with the announcement of Japan’s Toyota Motors a few days ago that it will register its first operating loss in nearly 70 years and now, an admission that its global sales have dropped to worst in 8 years then yes you no longer need other metrics that the industry has a serious problem. The admission coming from Toyota is only a validation of what others knew for months now- that the auto industry is ailing not just in the United States but this is global. Toyota has announced Wednesday that its global sales have dropped 21.8 percent in November. Toyota of Japan is running in dead heat with General Motors in terms of automobiles sold. For November, Toyota sold 618,000 automobiles. Nissan Motors is also showing signs of weakening sales. Honda, the number two automaker in Japan has seen its sales tumbles down by 9.9 percent. So will Kanye West sings it ‘All falls down’ once again?