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Nano: No Frills/Great Thrills

The high-end version of the Tata’s Nano was finally unveiled on European soil. The site is Geneva for the 2008 Geneva motor show.
A number of automobile sector execs paid tribute to the car. Prodrive boss and CEO of  Aston Martin David Richards took notice and said that the Nano almost stole the show from the other beautiful cars in the show room. The Fiat head also dropped by and the Honda Motor CEO Takeo Fukui and likened Nano to Honda Jazz.

What has been unveiled on the motor show was actually the higher end of the Nano and it is not yet expected to be on sale. Mr. Tata, the visionary behind the Nano adds;

The Nano will address global markets in due course but when it will do so has not been decided.

When it is finally decided that Nano will conquer the European market, the Nano will undergo a number of upgrading but its basic design will be retained. Mr. Tata adds;

We will upgrade the car when we do decide to sell it in Europe or elsewhere-not the design but it will meet all the regulatory and legislative requirements.

When the Nano was first introduced, this car gained wide recognition and buzz due to its pricing. This is the world’s cheapest car and this sells for around 100,000 rupees or roughly 2,500 dollars. Because of the affordability of the vehicle, the Nano was nicknamed the “People’s car”.
Tata Nano
The four-door Nano measures 10 feet long and 5 feet wide and this car is powered by 623cc two-cylinder engine located at the back of the vehicle. The car can produce 33 horsepower and can push the vehicle to 65 miles per hour. A small trunk is provided for storage purposes.


Geneva Motor Show 2008 Unveiled.

All the best and the newest designs and trends in automotive sector will be unveiled this week. The Geneva motor show is about to open, with leading names of the automotive industry joining the said exposition.

What this automotive exposition has to offer this year is yet another round of new models, concept cars, technical innovations and of course innovations and technologies leading to better environmental sensitivity. With current innovations and developments leading to greater ‘green’ awareness, leading automobile makers both in US and the Europe incorporate a number of new technologies that are designed to make these vehicles and technologies earth-friendly. Prime examples of cars that will showcase these new technologies are the Saab with its BioPower option that allows the car to run on bioethanol and the BMW car that is equipped with EfficientDynamics. What is the EfficientDynamics all about, perhaps you may ask. This actually refer to a number of engineering improvements that are designed to reduce the weight and at the same time increase the efficiency of the car’s engine and the transmission.

Enter Nano: The No Frills Car From Tata Motors

One car that is expected to make a splash on the Geneva motor show is Tata’s Nano. This is the European debut of the so-called world’s cheapest car.


Though this car from Tata Motors is expected to be unveiled this week, this car will not be available in the market for a few more years.

Rolls-Royce Too.

Rolls-Royce too is expected to present its newest addition to the line- the new Phantom Coupe. This coupe is based on the 101EX experimental hand-built car that the brand first showed in 2006. Of course the sporty new Mini John Cooper Works will be at display as well. Aside from new cars from big automobile players, new technologies will be presented on the motor show as well. Some of the new technologies that will be presented include the wiperless windscreen and Microsoft’s partnership with Fiat to produce the “in-car connectivity”. Featured as well are new gadgets and accessories that can make every car look good and stylish.

The 78th motor show in Geneva is expected to run from March 6 to 16.