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Mountain Biking Accessories: On Mountain Biking Gloves

In mountain biking, aside from the mountain bike you also need to be equipped with the right accessories. Some mountain bikers will have specialized needs and preferences when it comes to mountain biking accessories, and some will work with the most basic accessories. Listed below are some of the basic accessories that one should know and who is interested to get into mountain biking. Feel free to add one, if there are other accessories that are must-haves when mountain biking. Mountain biking gloves are top options for accessories. These are important accessories that can help protect the rider from accidents. Most of the gloves that are available in the market are lightweight and breathable. Now there are different kinds of mountain biking gloves that are available in the market, including the full-finger bike gloves, half finger bike gloves, and mountain bike gloves for downhill and free-ride, bike gloves with extra padding, bike gloves for dirt jumping and there are mountain bike gloves for winter riding. The options are many, and often your choice of these accessories will depend on personal preferences and the kinds of activities that you like.
Guide to looking for the correct mountain biking gloves

And when shopping for mountain bike gloves, keep in mind that the size matters as well. There are guidelines to know when searching for the correct glove size. If you are looking for one, just keep your hands flat, measure in inches the circumference around the palm at the widest point just below the knuckles not including the thumb. When doing this, use the dominant hand. You need to measure starting from the tip of the middle finger to the base of your hand. Next step is to take the larger of the two measurements in order to correct the right size. There’s a table that should be considered, and when you are in between sizes, make sure that you get the larger size.

X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Width in inches 6-7 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11
Width in cm 15-18 18-20 20-23 23-25.5 25.5-28

Next Project: Mountain Bike

Me Mountain Biking

Image by LeeBrimelow via Flickr

This is what I want next- a mountain bike. I’m not an active or the sporty type, but I really want to get a mountain bike for myself. I was thinking of an investment, and deciding with a scooter or a mountain bike. But I decided on the mountain bike, at least this is one cost-effective way of discovering the outdoors and at the same time keeping healthy and in-shape. Plus, I get to distance myself from accidents. I don’t know if there are already stats, but there are just too many accidents involving scooters and motorcycles. I even overheard someone saying that if you hold a grudge against someone, let him buy and drive a motorcycle. That’s how dangerous this two-wheel machine is.

A mountain bike or a MTB or ATB (which stands for all-terrain bicycle) is actual a bike that’s created for off-road cycling. This means this isn’t just intended for city cycling, rather this can be used as well in discovering the outdoors, and even elevated terrains. This is also primed for the unpaved roads and dirt trails. For this reason, the mountain bike should be made tough. Most of the time, these bikes will feature wheels with rims 559mm in ISO sizing or 26-inch wheels. Different mountain bikes feature different designs, and there are even categories of these bikes that can be used for different activities.

Happy Birthday, Roger Federer!

Posing for photos

Image by mirsasha via Flickr

I may not be a big fan of Roger Federer, but I say Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest tennis player of today. Without Roger Federer, the dominance and the achievements of my personal favorite may not be as compelling as it is right now. When I started watching and following tennis, it was the time of Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. And what followed is the dominance of Federer, and prevented other upstarts like Hewitt, Safin and Roddick from achieving their own dream of dominance. The record number of grand slam owned by Federer is still standing and will stand for many more years. The Swiss ‘maestro’ as he is called has collected 16 grand slams, 5 clear of the next record by an active player, Rafael Nadal. Other noteworthy achievements of this player include 285 weeks at number 1, 67 titles under his belt and $63,653,278.00 in prize money.

Federer is still active and currently ranked at Number 3 and the titles no longer come consistently but make no mistake about it. This is still Federer, and at 30 he still competes at a very high level even better than 99 percent of the guys in the circuit. To Roger Federer, happy birthday and you may have many more titles to win!

Blogging woes; Pacquiao stops De la Hoya

When you have been writing this kind of stuff for almost two years, it is difficult to shrug the topic altogether and it gets back to the system. And no matter how busy you are, it taps you in the back and say, “hey write something about me and update my life”. And so, it happens. It’s Christmas and the only thing that made me realize that it’s Christmas was the usual countdown that is done by local television networks.

In other news, Manny Pacquiao– the Philippine boxing pride won his ‘dream match’ against Oscar de la Hoya. Not that I watched it but hey, you cannot discount the impact it brings to the country. With almost nothing to be proud of this time here comes Manny Pacquiao doing the job for the country. Congrats to Manny! The once flamboyant Oscar de la Hoya was reduced to an old man when Pacquiao stopped him. Right from the start, the Pacman was the better one and the quicker one, and De la Hoya was unusually slow. The end for De la Hoya came at the end of the eighth round and his left eye swollen and his face bruised. In an interview, the boxer from Mexico said that his heart still wanted to fight but the body seems to be saying other things.  The eighth round is the end for the flamboyant boxer and could be the end for his career. Tough question to asked, and it remains to be seen.

And if you are wondering why I still have lots of time to post posts here well here is a little explanation- I did have some freelance writing gigs a month ago and I was asked to write materials of any topics I want. Since I’m still in the auto news rhythm, most of the articles I submitted was about cars so there you go. But why did I post it here? I was scammed. That lady didnt pay for the articles I submitted which was around 50 plus articles. Beware guys. The sweetest face may be the one that can hurt you.