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Toyota to Act on Prius

In a few days, it is expected that the Toyota management will act on the issues confounding the giant automaker. The decision will surely hit the automaker hard, and this will come after Toyota recalled more than 7 million vehicles over the sticky accelerator issue.

The decision over the Toyota Prius will be well-anticipated since the Prius is no ordinary vehicle. This is Toyota’s showcase over its technological prowess.


Will the Toyota Prius be Recalled?

Will the 2010 Toyota Prius in the United States join the other vehicles recalled by Toyota? If this will happen, then this could be a big blow to the automaker since the Toyota Prius is not your ordinary car- it’s their symbol for technological might and their bet for green ambitions. The problems on the Prius center primarily on the brakes. This issue has sent engineers from the automaker to also consider some checking on other Toyota flagship models and brands, like the Lexus and the Sai sedan. Will the Prius be recalled? We will know soon.

Complaints trouble Toyota

Toyota, once considered mighty is now being troubled by recalls and safety concerns. It has been reported that there were concerns on the reliability of the brakes found on Toyota Prius, considered as the biggest-selling hybrid vehicle. The concern is that the 2010 Prius can surge forward the moment the driver brake at low speed and on a slippery surface, or this may happen after the Prius hit a minor bump. The Prius issue is not the only one troubling the mighty car maker. It has been reported as well that the company recalled some units for the sticking accelerator pedals. Reports have it that this affected 2.3 million Toyota vehicles. With these issues, sales are slumping and the carmaker is troubled.

Ford Fusion as new alternative

We all know Toyota Prius- it’s the car that we usually associate with the words fuel-efficient and green vehicle. Well based on the latest Yahoo write-up, it seems that Toyoya Prius has some company and a better one at that. Enter Ford Fusion hybrid. According to USA Today, the 2010 Ford Fusion is the best gasoline-electric hybrid yet. This can be a sweeping statement that can knock Prius off its wheels. According to the paper, the Ford Fusion is known for its smooth ride and best-integrated gas-electric power system. The cost? Well, this car is pegged at $107,000 and according to the paper the Lexus LS 600h hybrid comes in next.

Hyundai Joins the Big League


Give a little space, Honda. This year, a new name is recogized as member of the elite class when it comes to reliability and dependability, at least based on the opinion of Consumer Reports. Based on the ’10 Bests listings of Consumer Reports for 2008, a new name has been ushered into the elite list. South Korea’s Hyundai brand has been ackowledged as makers of reliable and dependable cars.

For two years running, its all about Honda and their reliable cars but not for 2008 as US and Hyundai cars made an appearance on the list. The appearance of Hyundai is more significant as this is the first time that this brand has managed to get the citation from the respected Consumer Reports.  Hyundai’s Elantra SE was named as the top small sedan and the Hyundai’s Santa Fe was named the top mid-sized sport utility vehicle.

But if you notice that I only mentioned two Hyundai vehicles in the top 10 and another 1 from Chevy, its because Japanese car manufacturers still tops ’em all. Japanese car makers sent 7 entries into the top ten of Consumer Reports.  This goes to show that these car makers continued their dominance in the ratings for performance, safety and reliability. And what are these cars and from what manufacturer?  The Lexus 460L is there as the best luxury sedan. Dubbed ‘greenest’ car is Prius that can be powered by gasoline or electricity. Prius’ feat is remarkable as this is the fifth time that this car model was selected on its category. Prius and the Lexus are of course products of Toyota.

Though Toyota sent two in the list, the best cars that are sold in the US market are still coming from the Honda brand. Honda did send one in the list, the Honda Accord but what makes the feat of Honda excellent is the fact all Honda vehicles that are rated by Consumer Reports made it to the list of Consumer Report’s recommended lists.

The citation that has been received by Hyundai is an affirmation that indeed Hyundai has turned serious into producing top quality vehicles. As it can be remembered, the brand’s reputation has been not-so good in terms of quality and reliability. But over time, Hyundai made for the lost ground and found its place now as one of the best. In fact, its reputation is fast approaching that of Honda’s.

Here’s the rest of the top picks, as selected by Consumer Reports for 2008.

  • Best Green Car by Toyota Prius
  • Best Small Sedan by Hyundai Elantra SE
  • Best Family Sedan by Honda Accord
  • Best Upscale Sedan by Infiniti G35
  • Best Luxury Sedan by Lexus LS
  • Fun-to-Drive Pick Up Mazda MX-5 Miata
  • Top Small SUV is Toyota Rav4
  • Top Midsize SUV is Hyundai’s Santa Fe
  • Top-Pick Up Minivan is Toyota Sienna

As mentioned these listings that was created by Consumer Reports was based on reliability ratings, road tests and the ratings in insurance industry and government safety testing.

Aside from the fact that Consumer Reports cited two Hyundai vehicles for their reliability, the publication also chose three Hyundai vehicles for its ‘Most Overlooked Cars’ listing. These Hyundai vehicles are the Kia Rondo and the Optima and the Hyundai Azera.