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Marketing Thru Sports

Nadal for Kia

Most of the time, the quality and the reliability of the vehicles do the talking for these automobile manufacturers. These vehicles are usually subjected to road tests, and often the commendation and the citations coming from respected publications and organizations such as Consumer Reports and government agencies like EPA are the ones that do the talking for these car manufacturers. Most of the time, expensive advertisements do the job of promoting these cars in the market. Now South Korean auto manufacturers had step up its promotion and now wanted to market the vehicles thru sports. Though this is new, what is new is the fact that these two South Korean companies are now more focused than ever and found sports as a viable medium to promote their brands.

Hyundai took the lead with its tie-up with Superbowl and it was reported that Hyundai’s recent Super Bowl ads yielded the positive impact on the brand among the consumers. This conclusion was produced thanks to the recent Nielsen Online Mega Panel Survey’s post game study that  found out that around 43 percent of the respondents had improved their view on Hyundai. Another recent surver indicated that Hyundai netted a 45 percent increase in net brand improvement for its Genesis campaign. It was the goal of the bran’s marketing efforts to not only entertain but also to inform, to build awareness and position  of Hyundai vehicles in the market.

Another Hyundai brand enters in an agreemet with a large sporting institution. Kia joined hands with NBA to promote the sport and the brand. Kia Motors America is now the official sponsor of the National Basketball Association. It can be noted that Kia has been in sports long enough and the brand maintains a sponsorship on the Australian Open and it even got Rafael Nadal to promote one of the brand’s model.



Kia and the Spurs

The last time I talked about NBA and a car manufacturer, I was talking about Kia’s participation for the coming play-offs as a sponsor. Now let me talk about this in great detail. While I was searching for stories, I caught a glimpse about Kia’s deal with a basketball team. Kia inked a deal with San Antonio Spurs as part of the brand’s effort to make its presence felt in US basketball. The partnership between Spurs and Kia will include educational programs and initiatives and Spurs will soon be part of Kia’s promotional projects.

Kia And NBA

After teaming up with Rafael Nadal for the Kia advertisement and sponsoring the recently concluded 2008 Australian Open at the land down under, Kia has then targeted another sport as a way of strengthening the brand. Kia is now the ‘Official Automotive Partner of the NBA’.

Kia Motors

The brand expanded its sponsorship in NBA to 16 teams and this move by the brand is the brand’s own way to position Kia in the market.

Kia is proud to be part of such a distinguished organization that is also a perfect fit for our youthful, energetic brand and our dynamic vehicles. The team partnership leverage the excitement of the game in local markets and help us elevate our brand awareness in the respective communities, says Byung Mo Ahn, President and CEO of KMA and KMMG.

As mentioned, Kia is also a proud sponsor of the Australian Open and of the Davis Cup.

This move by Kia only goes to show how serious the brand is in capturing a significant portion of the market.  The deal that was signed by Kia Motors America was a one year deal, and Kia is to become the official car of the National Basketball Association. Aside from the the fact that Kia will be visible during the play-offs and the draft, it is expected that Kia will donate vehicles to the charities that are selected by the winners of the Most Valuable Player, Defensive Player of the Year and the Sixth Man awards.