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McLaren to offer sports car

Good news to those who love McLaren and sports car. A Reuters report has it that McLaren is planning to launch a new rang of sports car tentatively set for 2011. The sports cars will be produced under the McLaren Automotive Company. The former McLaren Group chairman, Ron Dennis will head the said company. It has been a plan of McLaren to offer its line of sports cars and this line will follow McLaren’s initial foray in the market with its McLaren F1 sportscar and the Mercedes SLR McLaren. The company, according to the report will continue the production of SLR until the end of the year.


End of the Road for Mercedes-McLaren SLR?

Just checking some of the news items and other online sites here when I chanced upon an entry that says it is the end of the road for the Mercedes-McLaren SLR. Is this true? The site reports that Mercedes-Benz is set to end the production of the SLR supercar at the end of 2009. The phasing of this supercar has been started last year, that began with the coupe version of the SLR Mercedes. If indeed the SLR is set to retire in 2009, this supercar will end its brief 5 year stint in the market.

When the SLR was developed and introduced in the market, Mercedes planned for 400-500 SLRs to be produced every year. But its actual production never really took off. For 2007, 275 SLRs were produced and there was 261 SLRs in 2006. With the last supercar produced, it is expected that Mercedes and McLaren will part ways.

It is expected that McLaren is set to develop a new V8 car named P11.

For Team Mclaren-Mercedes

McLaren Logo

You may notice that a number of my posts features the Mercedes, the collaboration of Mercedes and McLaren and of course my dream supercar of the moment, the Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR. So my fascination with Mercedes is out in the open! I realized that talking about Mercedes, and then McLaren will not be complete without discussing the racing tradition of McLaren. So this is the reason why I am making this first blog post about team McLaren-Mercedes of Formula 1, perhaps a more appropriate time since the racing season has begun. The team features Hamilton and Kovalainen as its drivers. Though I don’t religiously follow the race on ESPN since I am glued to tennis whenever its available, I’ll try to make it a point to catch some of the races on cable, even though its a replay. So from now on, some F1 news and views will fill my site so bear with me.