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Toyota Hi-Lux

The Many Variants and Uses of Toyota Hi-Lux

The Toyota Hilux series is consists of compact pickup trucks which are manufactured and marketed by Toyota Motor Corp. The name Hilux, which is widely used in most countries, has been changed in 1976 in favor of the names compact truck, truck, and pickup truck. The camper version of Toyota Hilux was renamed as the 4Runner in North America and Australia and as the Toyota Hilux Surf in Japan.

Toyota Hilux exceeds some of the tough safety standards of Toyota with regular maintenance. The vehicle features cruise control, air conditioning standard, front pre-tensioning seatbelts, and a Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) body. Toyota Hilux is designed to provide both comfort and safety to passengers. It has gained a reputation for its exceptional reliability and sturdiness and is often referred to as the indestructible truck. Swedish automobile magazine Teknikens Värld had conducted an evasive maneuver test for the Toyota Hilux in October 2007 which revealed the deficient maneuverability of Hilux pickup truck in turning at moderate speed. The New Zealand Army and the United States Special Forces use Toyota Hilux as one of their improvised fighting vehicles for their troops in Afghanistan and especially in the Third World conflicts. The Toyota War between Chad and Libya has been widely known because the Chad Army used the Toyota Hilux as their Light cavalry vehicles. Moreover, 37 customized Hiluxes are reportedly being used by China’s People Liberation Army and they are also used in wars in Iraq as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). Furthermore, the Toyota Hilux was utilized in the special episode of the television program “Top Gear” in which James May and Jeremy Clarkson raced using a customized Hilux 2005 model heading to the magnetic north pole. In addition, the fourth generation of Toyota Hilux was also the vehicle mode used for Transformers Autobots Trailbreaker and Hoist.



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