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Mountain Biking

Next Project: Mountain Bike

Me Mountain Biking

Image by LeeBrimelow via Flickr

This is what I want next- a mountain bike. I’m not an active or the sporty type, but I really want to get a mountain bike for myself. I was thinking of an investment, and deciding with a scooter or a mountain bike. But I decided on the mountain bike, at least this is one cost-effective way of discovering the outdoors and at the same time keeping healthy and in-shape. Plus, I get to distance myself from accidents. I don’t know if there are already stats, but there are just too many accidents involving scooters and motorcycles. I even overheard someone saying that if you hold a grudge against someone, let him buy and drive a motorcycle. That’s how dangerous this two-wheel machine is.

A mountain bike or a MTB or ATB (which stands for all-terrain bicycle) is actual a bike that’s created for off-road cycling. This means this isn’t just intended for city cycling, rather this can be used as well in discovering the outdoors, and even elevated terrains. This is also primed for the unpaved roads and dirt trails. For this reason, the mountain bike should be made tough. Most of the time, these bikes will feature wheels with rims 559mm in ISO sizing or 26-inch wheels. Different mountain bikes feature different designs, and there are even categories of these bikes that can be used for different activities.



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