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Toyota Hi-Lux

2012 Toyota Hi-Lux: More Fun, More Power

My girlfriend added that I should get a second-hand car. She just loves to travel, and yes I love travelling as well. Actually, I’m starting to save so that I can have my own second-hand car more like a Toyota or Honda vehicle- not too fancy, just right for city driving and for travel needs. But if and I’ll say this again, I have the means then I am strongly considering Toyota Hi-Lux. This is just a power player on and off the road, and this is tried and tested. I have seen how this worked when I was still connected with a construction company. This is the kind of vehicle that gets used in visiting unpaved roads and rough and rocky project sites, and the Toyota Hi-Lux delivers.

I know there are many fans of the Hi-Lux out there. And the good news is that the 2012 Toyota Hi-Lux is available, back with new designs and extra power. Based on multiple resources, the latest touch on the Hi-Lux features a new upper dashboard design with new, horizontal center instrument cluster. On the exterior, expect to find new bonnet, radiator grille, headlamps and front bumper. By the way, the 2012 Toyota Hi-Lux will come in four trims, the DLX, Hi-Lux DLX+, SR and Toyota Hi-Lux SR+. When it comes to body styles, choose from Single Cab, Extra and Double Cab. When it comes to power, expect 106 kW and 343 N m of torque and lower fuel consumption if compared with previous models.




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