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Google Now Offers Free Text to Smart/Globe

Dubbed as the Gmail to SMS project, Google is now helping Filipinos connect better. The service will allow users to send and receive text messages using Gmail, free of charge. This is an interesting and exciting feature and works like Chikka, one of the early players when it comes to sending text messages for free. In order to tap the service, one must be using Gmail and while online sending of text messages can be done. I am using Gmail for my small business, and I love the business-like nature of Gmail and I’m always online on Gmail so this service is just a perfect complement.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, better create an account right now. If you are already signed in, look for the SEND TEXT on the left pane of the window, just on top of CHAT. You’ll need to input the phone number, and you’ll be prompted to save the number and add a name for that contact number. Just save it and a new window appear on the lower right pane and you can now enter the message that you want. Initially you are given 50 messages, and once you have typed in the message just press ENTER. When I tried it, the message arrived after 3 seconds that fast. By the way the text message will include your e-mail. So make sure that you add a name after your message just in case. When someone replies, your quota increases by 5 to a maximum of 50 messages. But standard text rates apply if one person replies to your message. The service is best for ending text messages if you’re just online and you run out of load. If your quota of 50 has been reduced to 0, Gmail will give you 1 free after 24 hours.



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