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Why I’m Getting Tired of Facebook

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I signed up with Facebook in 2008, a time when most users are still obsessed with posting testimonials at Friendster. I was with my former company then, and all I did what play games and the ‘Trivia Challenges’ on site. That was then; right now, Facebook is swamped with users. The social networking site has become a marketplace, and almost everyone posts something that I don’t want to read to see. Do I really need to know what you are eating right now? Do you really need to share that video with me? If I want to watch a video that I like, I will search for it on YouTube, right? And I’m just tired with the postings of too many pictures with the same old titles like ‘Me, Myself and I’. I pity those who waste most of their working time staying online on Facebook and if not posting status messages, they are commenting on the statuses of other users. I know people who are like this ahemm. They are wasting their precious time. And I think I’m wasting mine too, so better stop here and on with my productive work…



One thought on “Why I’m Getting Tired of Facebook

  1. Someone once told me that Facebook is all about vanity. And yes, many users post status messages and photos and all that stuff believing (or hoping) that others care about those things… Makes ’em feel good about themselves. Sometimes, though, they enjoy the feeling so much that they go overboard – posting all the teeny tiny details about their life, even details that would sometimes make readers cringe. You might want to read this – http://sg.promotion.yahoo.com/weekend-edition/hype/post/hype/78/10-stupid-things-people-do-on-social-media.html 🙂

    Posted by the province girl | June 28, 2011, 7:32 am

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