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Hard Tonneau Covers

If you are looking for the perfect solution in making sure that that the bed and its contents are properly protected and hidden from view, consider what the hard tonneau covers can deliver. These are simply truck covers that are installed and fitted at the back of trucks and pickups so that the cargoes can be protected and concealed when travelling. These are referred to as the hard covers since the materials used in the making of these covers are tougher and more durable if compared to the other major type of tonneau cover. With its tougher look and tougher construction, these covers provide total security and complete toughness for the pickup. And when properly selected, these covers can also help define the looks and the complete ‘attitude’ of the truck.

What makes these covers tougher than the usual are the materials used. Usually, the most common material chosen as the base material for these covers is fiberglass. But other manufacturers opted for other materials, but still retaining the basic durability and reliability requirements. And in order to fortify these covers, most manufacturers add a number of other accessories. For example, some of the leading hard tonneau covers include the dual key locks and the over-the-tailgate shape that maximizes security.

These hard tonneau covers do come in specific types, and ultimately your choice will be dependent on actual needs. Of the many sub-types of these hard covers the most popular ones are the retracting hard cover, the hinging hard covert and the hard folding cover. The retracting hard tonneau cover is your choice when it comes to style in function. The cover easily retracts when you want to access the back of the pickup. This is usually made from rigid aluminum or rigid aluminum material that features vinyl lamination on its plates. The other specific type of hard tonneau cover is the hinging hard tonneau cover. The common materials used for this cover are ABS plastic and fiberglass. Then there is the hard folding tonneau cover. Choose this kind of cover when you are looking for tough coverage for the bed. Remember that both the soft tonneau covers and the hard tonneau covers perform similar role, but when it comes to better toughness and security the ‘hard ones’ hold the advantage.



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