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Are Soft Tonneau Covers Right for Your Pick-Up?

When it comes to protective exterior accessories, count on the tonneau covers to appear on the list of any would-be buyer. Called as truck bed covers by some consumers, these covers have evolved in terms of designs through the years yet retaining its main functionality and that is to provide coverage and protection at the back of the pickup. There are two major types of covers, and the main difference between the two lies in the overall design. The first type is the hard tonneau cover, and this serve as the perfect alternative to the camper shell. Tough to touch and to look at, this is the go-to cover if the driver wants maximum protection for the back of the pickup. But the drawback is that this comes at an extra cost as well. This is traditionally more expensive than the second type of cover, the soft tonneau covers. Cost is not the only thing that makes the cover competitive in the market. There are a number of reasons that may the soft tonneau covers the best choice for trucks and pickups. One reason lies in its role of promoting better performance for the vehicles. It has been said that the use of the soft cover can help reduce the drag of the running vehicle and also ensures a better aerodynamics on and off the road. This is the reason why some top sport truck racers are looking at what these covers can do for them.

Another reason why this type of covers is a hit is linked to its ease of installation. Fitting and installing these accessories is easy since these covers can roll up easily for better bed coverage. Also, drivers are given options when it comes to sealing. Some of the common sealing options include the tough snaps, the industrial-strength hook and loop edges, the peel and seal and the groove closures. There are other sealing options, and these are dependent on the actual provider and designer of the covers. In just a matter of minutes, installing the soft tonneau covers can be done with ease and with fewer issues.

In terms of durability, these covers are reliable as well. Just because its ‘soft; doesn’t mean this is less durable. Some of the market’s leading soft tonneau covers are tough as well thanks to the use of durable materials which are in turn fitted on tough metal frame.



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