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What’s your ‘Passion’?

The other day, I was chatting with a friend of mine and suddenly ‘passion’ comes into the conversation. What is our passion, we asked this question. And for once, we cannot seem to come up with the right answer to capture what we are truly feeling right now.  Yes, we both have day jobs but still something is missing. It’s something fundamental that it allows us to pause for awhile, and rethink our current situation. Do you know what your passion is? It is said that once you discovered your passion, then you can truly find the right kind of job for yourself.  Passion is defined as a powerful and a compelling emotion. My friend  defined passion as something that puts you to move even if you don’t expect anything in return. Or a topic or an activity that never fails to brighten up your face. I did some checks online, and found this article on passion and how to find it. I think I can start on this one, and the article focuses on 7 questions to use in finding passion. I am interested with question no. 4, ‘What would you do for free‘?

What would I do for free?

Another question that marks is ‘What sparks your creativity’? Now, you may seem to note that these are simple questions but I tell you, for someone still clueless on what to do and where to go these are TOUGH questions. I envy those who have found their passion and calling, I haven’t found mine. But my friend has another idea; she thinks that I already have my passion, but fails to acknowledge it.

Do you know your passion?



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