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Yay! Getting into the 300k Mark

I know it’s not much, but for an average blogger like me, this is an achievement! And I am proud of this. This blog has a long history, starting to the time when I was just a content writer for one business process outsourcing company involved in car parts and accessories. I was an ordinary writer then, writing and producing contents more than the average required by the company 5 x a week. After a year or so, we were asked to maintain a blog of our own which we should maintain on a regular basis. And thats what I did and the results were great. I fused cars and tennis, and learned to love the Nissan GT-R and anything about Audi.

Maintaining the site and blogging were no longer work for me; I was enjoying it regularly loading content after content. There was  a time when this site hit PR5, and during that time I did not realize its full value.  So when the time came that they said that they are closing  the office one early morning, I was working on my blogging writing about Electric Cars and Electric Dreams. And the irony was not lost on me; I was writing on a promise, yet my own was ending. So, it came to pass that I lost control of this site but managed to get hold of this after a few months, thanks to some friends. A labor of love like this should not be left to rot; rather this should be revived and should be updated regularly. And so that’s the story, and soon this will hit 300,000. Thank god it lasted and achieved this number.



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