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Getting Those Jobs Done

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In the current economic situation, you need to think outside of the box in order to survive and live respectfully. If you will count on your typical day job to sustain yourself, then you are jut boxing yourself into one area. That’s why I greatly admire those people who managed to get into other things other than their day job. They are not satisfied with what they are getting, well that’s one. But perhaps one more reason is that they are not getting their full worth and their potential in the current set-up of their job. There must be something missing, and their day jobs don’t seem to fill in the gap. So I will not be surprised to find the best minds not just having one job or one career. The best minds are the ones that juggle it all up. Perhaps in the future people will not be asked ‘where are you working’, rather people will randomly asked ‘where are your interests right now’? It’s an idle Sunday and rest time, with no freelancing writing gigs to attend to.  Happy Sunday!



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