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The Next Green Thing: Chevy’s at it Again

The Volt and the Cruze Eco are the two latest green packages available from Chevrolet. Although they are definitely not leading the pack in any arena and will probably not earn you very many bragging rights, they are still very near the top of their classes. While many of us want a true electric vehicle or at least a hybrid, we’ll probably have to settle for something like the Cruze until EV costs come down.

Volt’s Little Brother

Both the Volt and the Cruze Eco have sleek designs that are subtle enough to be easy on the eyes. These cars don’t garner the head turning of some environmentally minded vehicles like the Smart Car, which can be good or bad depending on your personality. The Cruze Eco, on the other hand, is slightly sporty and close to the ground, making it a little more fun than it’s be EV brother and a lot less conspicuous than a Smart Car.

High Mileage without Being a Hybrid

Although it isn’t a hybrid, the Cruze Eco still gets some of the most amazing gas mileage around. It accomplishes this by ditching unneeded weight, turbo charging the engine, and sporting one of the best six-speed manual transmissions available. The Cruze has done what many gasoline cars should have done a long time ago. It offers excellent fuel efficiency, even better than Volt’s miles per gallon, when running on gasoline alone. The Cruze Eco is not a hybrid, but it still manages a respectable 28 miles per gallon in the city and as much as 42 on the highway. That kind of efficiency is a commuter’s dream.


The Cruze Eco is priced at about half the cost of the Volt, making it within reach for many consumers. It’s ideal for those who want excellent fuel efficiency but need more space than the Smart Fortwo can offer. Interestingly, the Cruze sells for about half the Volt’s $40,000 price tag, and you can pick up a Smart Fortwo for about half the cost of a Cruze.

If price weren’t a factor, we would all have hybrids or pure EVs. It just feels better to drive a car than isn’t destroying your planet by spewing toxins wherever you go. Volt is clearly easier on your conscience, but that can take it only so far. If you want to drive a clean, green, environmentally sound machine, it’ll cost you. If you want to feel better without breaking the bank, the Cruze might be just the car for you.

Jessica Bosari writes for CarInsuranceQuotesComparison.com. The site empowers consumers by offering practice insurance tips and advice so they can and rates, getting the cheapest car insurance every time.



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