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Nissan Navara Accessories

Tough roads need tougher vehicles. Now this is an accepted fact in the automotive industry and accepted as well by the car-buying consumers. And this is the reason why automakers like Nissan scramble as well to offer consumers with tried and tested vehicles that not only performs better on the road but in tough road conditions as well. For Nissan, the answer lies in its fleet of trucks and pick-ups like the Nissan Navara. Designed and constructed as a pick-up, the Navara is makes it easy for the driver to navigate even the rough roads. This pick-up from Nissan was in production starting 1997 with its D22 series. This was followed by the D40 series. For the D40 series, the Nissan Navara became a mid-sized pick-up and made use of the Nissan F-Alpha platform. And from the outside, the exterior styling of the truck is somewhat similar to the full-size Nissan Titan truck.

What makes the Navarra tough from the outside is the collection of Nissan Navarra accessories and parts that enhance the ‘toughness’ of the truck. In 2010, Nissan released the newer version of the Nissan Navara. The differences lie in the performance capacity of the truck and in the used Nissan Navara accessories. In terms of performance, the latest Navara offered the new 3.0 L V6 turbo V9X diesel engine that is known to produce 240 horsepower. For the latest version of the Navara, Nissan also enlisted the help of improved Nissan Navara accessories. For example, the headlights and the bonnet used were slightly modified. Also, the V-shaped grille is no longer very obvious and the bumper is rounder. The projection of the Navara bumper tilts 80mm forward. Also contributing to the new Navara for 2010 are the six-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels and the optional 18-inch alloy wheels.

Of course, those wanting to make the Nissan Navara tougher for the roads can still count on commercially-available Nissan Navara accessories. Aftermarket accessories that can make the truck tougher are always available online and from third party providers. A perfect example of an enhancing accessory is the alloy bar, nudge style. When properly installed, the ally bar can offer added front-end protection to the Navara thus making it more primed for the roads. This can be complemented by the bonnet protector, another recommended Navara exterior accessory. The bonnet protector shields the bonnet from stone chips and other damages. The factory-added accessories on the Navara are just the start; there are other Nissan Navara accessories that can be purchased that can enhance its toughness and reliability on tougher roads.



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