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Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal Defeats Slumping Federer

Forgive me, I can’t resist writing this. It gets me excited knowing that Rafael Nadal has defeated rival Roger Federer in the semifinals of Key Biscayne. With the win, Rafa Nadal earned the right to face the hot and streaking Novak Djokovic, currently number 2 in the world. The score is 6-3 6-2, a score you would not expect coming from these two players. Rafa Nadal, I read started hot and served well but Federer was the one who failed to bring in the goods. Just before this match started, the press raved and was excited knowing that this was supposed to be a ‘clash of the titans’. But the the dream match fizzled as Federer easily wilted. I expected Rafa Nadal to win because he is my favorite, and because I have this personal belief that Federer is on a slump and will never reach number 1 again. But still, Federer can still make a good showing in many Tier 1 events and slams since he is still the 3rd best player right now. And all other pretenders in the men’s side are all erratic, and having their own mini-slump as well like Andy Murray, Robin Soderling and Del Potro.

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