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Nissan Navara

Europe’s best-selling pickup is back with its newest version- the Nissan Navara 2011. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show, the Nissan Navara promises that it can deliver on customer expectations on and off the road. Some of the major changes and modifications on the Navara can be seen on the technical specifications of the vehicle. The 2011 version of the pickup offers the technically-advanced 3.0 liter V6 engine. Safety-wise, Nissan engineers also paid attention to the needs for safety on the road. The vehicle offered better levels of passive safety. Consumers can also count on the presence of the leading and state of the art Nissan Connect Premium Navigation System. The entertainment fan can also count on the high-end Bose sound system.

Direct injection V6 turbo-diesel

The newest engine included in the 2011 version of the pickup was developed and designed by the Renault Nissan Alliance. And the engine promises better performance and with strong fuel economy. The current engine also boasts competitive emissions and better refinement if compared with other vehicles on its class. What sets the engine apart from the rest is the kind of materials used. For this V6 engine with an angle of 65 degrees, the engineers counted on the Compacted Graphite Iron or the CGI. The good thing about this material is that this offers the benefits expected from the cast iron plus this also offers higher levels of stiffness and noise absorption. And the material can all make that happen without increasing its weight. This material is heavier than the typical alloy block, but the good thing is that there is no longer that need to use sound deadening material.

Truck buyers can also count on the design of the combustion chamber. The chamber has been optimized in order to improve the balance between fuel efficiency and the emission levels. Performance-wise, the Nissan Navara 2011 delivers leading levels of torque and power outputs. All these defining performances are made possible thanks to the addition of a large and single turbocharger, the intercooler and the utilization of the latest Bosch common-rail fuel injection system. In terms of power, this truck offers 231 PS. Contributing to the cause of a greener planet is also the intent of Nissan as this complies with Euro 5 requirements. The truck features the overcooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation System and the better treatment of pipe emissions. All these modifications ensure that the Nissan Navara 2011 will be in the position once again to be Europe’s leading truck.



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