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Toyota Hilux 2011

In the automotive industry, there is that group of vehicles that are built through advertisement and propped up by clever advertising ploy. And there is that group of vehicles on the other hand that allow its reputation to speak for itself. Consider the Toyota Hilux 2011 as part of the second group of vehicles; that group known for performance and reliability. The Hilux is actually part of that series of compact pickup trucks issued by Toyota Motor Corporation. In other markets, the pickup is known by other name. Whether the pickup retains the Hilux name or assumes another name, it’s all just about the name and the real performance of the pickup remains the same.

The pickup has been available for a number of generations now, and the latest is the seventh generation in the series that includes the Toyota Hilux 2011. For the latest generation of the Hilux vehicles, these pickups made use of the modified version of the ladder frame that can be found in the earlier generations of the Hilux. The size of the pickup has increased as well, thus allowing this pickup to be renamed as a mid-size pickup. Depending on the market where the pickup will be distributed, the point of assembly varies. For example, for the pickups that are distributed in the Asian and the Australian markets the pickups are constructed and assembled in Thailand. For the pickups that will be introduced in the European markets, the assembly area is in Durban, South Africa.

For the 2011 version of the Hilux that is issued by Toyota primarily for the European and the United Kingdom markets come in three engine choices- the 3.0 automatic, the3.0 manual and the 2.5 manual engine. The Toyota Hilux 3.0 automatic submits a maximum speed of 108.68 miles per hour and can go from zero to 62 miles per hour in just 11.6 seconds. And for the 2.5 manual engine, the top speed registered officially based on the website is 105.57 miles per hour and can move from zero to 62 miles per hour in 12.5 seconds. For all these three engine types, there are differences but these are minimal. Overall, whatever body type is chosen or what engine is selected still the Hilux reputation continues. And when it comes to Hilux including the latest 2011 version, it’s all about sturdiness and reliability.


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