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Tha Crossroads..

Remember thata hit 90s songs by the Bone Thugz and Harmony? Love that song, and currently downloading that song so I can play and replay it. Brings back good memories of College, when everything was simple and all you have to do is attend university classes and ask for allowance, and during weekends buy beer. But life now is different; you are on your own. And life is what you make of it.

Just touched the 3rd decade of my life recently, and suddenly I’m in ‘tha crossroads‘ once again. I felt this before when I was with Convergys weighing the decision whether or not I will return to UP and finish my course. I chose education. Right now, I am in the same bind; on the same crossroads. This time, rethinking my options.

By the way, where are the Bone Thugz and Harmony now?



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