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Of ‘Tsunami’ Alerts and Indian Wells

This week, tennis fans are glued to the Indian Wells. Almost all of  the top men and women in the tour have showed up for Indian Wells and all are fighting it out for the Championships. Safina (remember her) is playing under the radar, and currently in the pursuit to enter the semi-finals. And I like the chances of Rafa Nadal in Indian Wells. But what was that I read that Rafa Nadal is not interested in defending his clay points? For a Nadal fan, this could be alarming. If he fails to defend his clay points then this will cost him the number 1 ranking. His claim to the number 1 ranking is anchored greatly on the clay tournaments he won last year. Rafa Nadal has offered a hazy explanation as to why he is not that pumped up to defend his clay points.

Where were you during last Friday’s ‘tsunami’ emergency in Legazpi City? Everyone panicked, traffic wherever you go and some people are crying and has evacuated. I even saw families walking with their packed bags and babies on their arms. People rushing to terminals in order to catch the van going out of the city. And by 6pm, I noticed that the city center was almost empty! Malls and stores have closed earlier at 4pm. The concern was legitimate since Legazpi is a coastal city, but that did’nt pushed me to over react knowing that the waves, if indeed it will reach this part will be just minimal. But you can never fault people in trying to secure themselves the way they did last Friday. It was both funny and alarming to see people react that way. I think what made the situation alarming was the announcement of the governor that classes and work are suspended, and footages of the destruction in Japan was seen on television. While everyone was rushing out, alarmed and panicking, I was simply walking home enjoying the early time out from work. It was good.



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