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Rafa Nadal as Kia’s Global Brand Ambassador

Rafael Nadal Melbourne 2009

Image by Brett Marlow Melbourne Australia via Flickr

Remember the time when Rafa Nadal was the face of Kia a few years back? I know I blogged about that during my stint at my former company. Now for 2011, Rafa Nadal was once again named as Kia’s Brand Ambassador. Nadal was chosen together with Australian Open 2011 Champion Kim Clijsters.

In a statement that was made by the company which I sourced on this site, it seems that the moves of the company of getting stars like Rafa and Kim worked, at least financially. The yearly support of the company for the Australian Open and other events and its choice of ambassadors like Rafa Nadal helped in pushing for the bottomline of the company. According to the Korean automaker, its PR moves generated an estimated income worth $700 million. Now this is something to brag about, no? For its campaign last Australian Open, logos of Kia were flashed on screen and were seen by a billion people from more than 160 countries. It further said that this was an increase of 16 percent from last year. Logos of the company are often seen in nets, fences and bilboards. The nice thing about Kia is that it shows support for tennis. Unlike other companies, Kia has chosen tennis as its main focus sports. As part of its efforts to promote the brand, it handed out a fleet of 101 tournament vehicles, and it said that it has already provided 909 vehicles so far. Some of the vehicles issued include Carnival, Sorento, Sportage and Forte.



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