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Stylish and Functional Samsung Monte

Finally gave my Sony Ericsson C902 a rest after a turbulent 2 year use. Imagine, that phone suffered numerous bumps and fall every time I am on drinking mode. If you know me, then you can calculate the number of falls experienced by that poor Sony Ericsson phone last year. So here I am with my new service business phone, a slightly used Samsung Monte. This was offered by my cousin last year, but I was not interested back then. But this year, I took the phone seriously. When I first used this phone for the first few days, I was frustrated. I can’t seem to send an SMS with the right words that I want to say! I’m a touch phone newbie, so I guess this is understandable. The screen area provides for a limited area for ‘tapping’ and typing, thus I mis-type some letters. The messages that I can usually compose on the Sony Ericsson C902 at less than 30 seconds took almost 3 minutes with the Samsung Monte! It was pain and disconcerting. But after a few days, I improved on my ‘touch’ skills and managed to enjoy the phone.

What I like about the phone is its design- it’s stylish and truly business like. Often, the validation of its style comes from my business contacts and co-employees. They find the design striking. The music player is something worth mentioning as well, where you are given the chance to customize the sound settings, from ‘Concert Hall’ to ‘Live’ to ‘Rock’. I can’t say negative on the sound quality of the phone, though I have some issues with the earphone used. Though the Engineer from my company says that the earphone used is unique, but from the functional point of view the earphone is troublesome- it tends to fall down. I miss the usual earphone.

WiFi is something worth checking, and Samsung Monte delivers. I tried using its WiFi and I am a fan. I guess I made a fine choice on this phone in the interim. In the long term, I may upgrade to another Sony Ericsson or a Samsung unit. Clearly, Samsung is an alternative choice in mobile phones.

What takes the cake for me are the games. Samsung allows you to download games, and that’s what I did err accidentally did. My girlfriend accidentally subscribed to ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ game, and we were hooked after we played the game.



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