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Facebook Now Number 1 in US

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Move over, Google. The year 2010 proved to be a smashing year for Facebook.com.


Privacy concerns aside, this social networking managed to capture the idle time of hundreds of millions of internet users. In making it to the top as the most visited website, the site founded by Mark Zuckerberg displaced Google.com, a long time player at the top. Also, this was this year when Zuckerberg was also named as Time’s Person of the Year. By the way, this new status of Facebook is based on the United States market. This goes to show that Americans and the rest of the world has found a new home and a new way to access information online and that is by logging on Facebook.com.

This kind of ‘movement’ reminded me of what happened around 6 or 7 years ago when I was still in UP where almost everyone was hooked on Friendster.com where the site redefined what friendship was. Using this model, I do believe that Facebook will reach its peak in the next 2 years and will soon decline as well. That’s the way things are, we are trend-oriented. We are like blind mice being led by another blind leader mouse. This reminds me of the Facebook fever sweeping the Office. You see, in the Office the IT Department has installed software that block un-necessary websites that we deemed consider as productivity killer. But this was dismissed, and almost all personal computers can access Facebook. And almost everyone’s updating their statuses and comments every now and then.

The growth of Facebook has awed many. One analyst from Bolt.com, Lou Kerner said that the rise of Facebook can be considered as the most transformational shift in the history of the Internet. And added;

…the internet world is moving from Google-centric to a people-centric web.

For sure there will be another site that will redefine the way people use their time online. In the meantime, Facebook is the star visited by hundreds of millions of users everyday. Does this mean that internet users now are more interested in playing Cityville, looking for friends, photo tagging and post commenting instead of reading and searching for knowledge?



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