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Light Yagami/Rodya Raskolnikov

Light Yagami uses the ‘Death Note’ to weed out the criminals in Tokyo and neighboring cities that go un-punished. And Rodya Raskolnikov on the other hand kills an elderly pawnbroker thinking that she has been wicked in her ways of doing business. And that it would ultimately benefit those people that have been served by the old woman. These are two different characters from different forms of media, yet there is an uncanny similarities in the way they think, the way they act. And both these two characters are onto one thing: is it just to kill a person if it will ultimately benefit the majority? The intent and the objectives may be good, but the way to arrive at these objectives is problematic. But there lies the issue; these two characters are the top two fictional characters that I truly like.

It was in College when I discovered Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. My housemate back then was into books, and he mentioned to me that he had books of the Russian writer. I heard about this writer in some of my classes so I tried reading it. It took me three readings or four before I understood some of the meanings of the book. And from then on, I seemed to share the sentiments of Kolya, the protagonist or anti-hero in the book. Same is true with Light Yagami. There is something about Light Yagami that made me like the character, and somehow roots for him in the series. And I don’t care if Light has that desire to be god-like. By the way both characters are conceited.



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