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CNN List the 4 Ways to Get What you Want

Have you ever been in a situation where you think that you deserve more but can’t seem to get what you deserve? Well, I tell you this. In our company, I currently feel that sentiment. Right now, I am getting what my assistants are getting so what do you call me? My scope of works and responsibilities are more encompassing and as such, my responsibility is more exhaustive. And then there are my staffers and assistant, and they are getting the same amount yet their job roles and responsibilities are minimal compared to mine. So where’s justice, no? But still, I am doing my job and find this CNN article a very informative one. In this article, the focus is on the importance of negotiations. This is seen as an important aspect of business life. And it goes on in saying that you need to negotiate in order to get what you want. The article lists four (4) important steps that could help you get what you want.

• In negotiation, you have to focus on the conversation and not just the content.
• The importance of thinking rather than feeling from the opponents perspectives.
• Go against the grain.
• Don’t avoid the critics, rather exploit.

Now the last one got me thinking. How do I exploit them? John Kotter, an eminent scholar on management says that your critics can sometimes turn as your friend. The key here is to use the attached drama to your side; take the opportunity to explain to them your idea. Now this gets me thinking. I’m going back to work now.



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