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Taking Home Entertainment Seriously with Pioneer HTZ101DVD

Early this year when I got my incentive from my company, I decided that it’s high time for me to buy something that I can call my own. So right then and there I decided that I need to get a new flat-screen TV and a washing machine for my home. My budget was meager; and I decided on the modest 22-inch Changhong flat screen TV. Now the Changhong TV is not something that you normally see in many homes in our place (majority of the households are Sony and Samsung fans). But still, I gave this TV a chance. Picture-wise, this product is good. But when it comes to sounds, well I must say that this is a complete flop.

So I decided that I need to get a speaker system. And my cousin offered me his used Altec Lansing but this one is not good enough for me. So now, I have a new acquisition in the form of the Pioneer HTZ101DVD. I must say that this DVD player and home entertainment system gets me excited. Installing this Pioneer home theater system is easy since the wires are color-coded. Plus for good measure, all slots are well-identified at the back. I placed the Pioneer home theater system in my bedroom, and this comes with four compact satellite speakers, a center speaker and the subwoofer. Another thing that I like about this system is that this comes with a USB port. You can check other details of the product here. And no, this is not an advert. I just love my new toy!



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