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Honda FCX Clarity

But why Jamie Lee Curtis..?

So why all of a sudden I am writing about Jamie Lee Curtis? In a blog full of auto-related news and views, you may probably think that a Jamie Lee Curtis blog entry is not the right content to mix up with other auto related content. Well, I do too. But when I check my stats, a great percentage of my hits come from the keyword: Jamie Lee Curtis. Interesting, right? If I can remember it right, I did write something about the FCX Clarity and Jamie Lee Curtis. The actress is one of the first owners of the FCX Clarity leased by Honda.

But I am not complaining; thanks for the hits as I needed this in order to continue this blog. Don’t want to leave this auto blog high and dry; we may be separated from our former company but our connection with all things cars and car parts will always be there, somewhere, somehow.



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