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White revolution

White is the new green, so they say.And all you have to do is to paint the roof of your house white, and you can do your part in saving the planet. The idea of the move is simple– by effectively painting roofs white in the hot parts of the world, this can effectively reflect huge amount of solar radiation back into space and in the process can address the problems posed by green house gases, which is the same problems posed by cars. The idea actually comes from the top man of President Obama on global warming. According to Steven Chu who is the US Secretary of Energy and also a Nobel prize-winning scientist, painting the roofs and the pavements white or in any light-colored paint can help address global warming and this can also help conserve energy. By doing this step according to Chu, this is equivalne to taking all cars off the road for a period of 11 years. If this is indeed true, then this is  a perfect initiative to help the planet don’t you think?



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