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Most satisfied with Cadillac, Lexus LS

It is a common question asked right after a person can purchase his or her own car-“how do you like your next car?” This is a good question because not all of those who purchased their car last time were really happy with their purchases; some are disappointed and some would definitely ask for more. This is what a research firm wants to know, to know which car gets the best satisfaction coming from owners. So in order to test customer satisfaction, auto research firm Auto Pacific asked 25,000 car owners whether or not they were satisfied with their recent car purchase. You want to know the results?

For the second straight year, Cadillac ranks highest among new owners of cars. Cadillac took home the ‘Highest Satisfaction Brand’ award. Hyundai on its part bagged the ‘Rising Star’ plum, thanks to its movement as it bypassed 11 brands to arrive at the Top 5 for the first time.

For specific cars that get the highest satisfaction, prepare to pay more for Lexus LS. The Lexus LS sedan series bested its field average by 99 points.



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