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Chrysler deals to lookout for

For those looking for discounts, then now is the right time to start getting one. There are hundreds of Chrysler dealerships that are expected to close by June 9th, and since they are closing in less than 3 weeks this means that cars on their displays and parking lots are for sale tagged at great discounts. This is good news for shoppers who love Chryslers, but sad news for the dealers who will have to say goodbye to their businesses. Around 789 dealerships around the country have lost their franchise agreement with Chrysler. How serious are these discounts?  It is said that though prices of vehicles may not go down by 50 percent, some expect that a good percentage of vehicles’ prices can be slashed by 30 percent. But in a more realistic computation, the prices can be discounted by 10 to 15 percent. Now this is good news to those really looking for better discounts these tough times.

The June 9 is the deadline for these dealerships to unload their inventory to other dealers or to consumers. In ordinary times, Chrysler can buy back the unsold units but since the company is in bankruptcy then it can no longer do that.



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