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Detroit Auto Show starts without the usual glitz

And that’s according to news reports describing the preparation for the Detriot Auto Show. There are some noticeable absences for this year’s auto show in Detroit and this year’s show is dampened by the economic issues troubling the industry and the ill conditions of General Motors and Chrysler LLC which are under  government life support. The usual glitz and glamor that are trademarks of the shows of past will be off this year, probably because there no money to spend for these unnecessaary things. Some participants will be out for this year. A notable absence will be Nissan Motor Corporation. So what to expect at the show? The following is a listing of things to expect and see at this year’s auto show at Detroit:

  • Automakers are set to reveal 50 new models and this number is down for 59 which were showcased for 2008.
  • Toyota will introduce its own Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid
  • Honda will introduce its Honda Insight which is designed to directly compete with Toyota Prius
  • Chrysler will unveil a new technology for its electric vehicle prototypes
  • Ford will show off its electric vehilce strategy
  • General Motors will show some suprise too.

All will be scaled down a bit, and some reports added that some manufacturers spent less time in preparation for the Detroit Auto Show.



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