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Just got in from my masters class on financial management and point of discussion was led to what happened to business leaders this past weeks. They talked about the death of two businessmen, pushed by distress and the thought that they have lost their fortune. Said one co-student, “he was a victim of the financial crisis” and the professor said ” he failed to grasp the real meaning of life”. The professor added that everything was cyclical- that this crisis already happened and a growth will follow afterwards and this will happen once again in the future. True?

Is money, business and control of a business empire the end all be-all for these businessmen?

But according to some reports, money may not be totally the thing that pushed him to end his life. In one report, casual observers can be enlightened that the businessman lived modestly, in fact he cycled to work using his 15-year old bike and when weather is bad, he used his four year old Volkswagen Golf. The article added that he has no bodyguards and servants and lived in a simple home for the past 60 years. From there, the casual observer and a news follower like me will be convinced that money is not the primary motive. So what is? Perhaps its all about pride and control of business- knowing that he will lose control of the thing that he had founded and knowing that he had failed those who are working for him. Well what we, observers can do is to speculate and provide our own conjectures.

In another development, just got my grade for the ethics and accountability class and good to know I got the highest grade in the class. The professor did flunked some classmates, giving them 2.0 for their one semester effort. Others were given 1.4 and 1.5. Overall its a good day.



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