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Powering thru Wind Generators

Sustainable energy sources are gaining the right noises and one important sustainable energy resource is the wind. Wind is harnessed by wind generators and this is converted into electrical power. The power production of wind generators will depend on the wind speed in a certain area and this will also be a function of the density of air in the area. Air density is a function of the barometric pressure and the altitude. This means that energy output of the wind generators will increase dramatically as the wind speed increases.

Wind generators are suggested as possible alternative sources of electrical energy for a number of reasons. The wind energy harnessed by wind generators is an ideal renewable energy. This is true because wind energy is pollution-free. Fuel is also not needed in order to power up the generators and these machines don’t create greenhouse gases. Another reason is that the energy from wind generators is quiet and will not pose any significant hazards to animals like birds. Wind generators are suggested as well because these are space-savers. These generators are known to occupy a small space in any given area. If these wind generators are constructed on farmland, only around 2 percent of the land area will be devoted for these energy generators. And finally these generators are suggested because these are income-generating projects. The excess electrical power that is produced by the generators can be sold to local utilities.



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