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Ford Motor Sync

The latest innovation coming from Ford Motor has a powerful engine but with no wheels and doors. And this isn’t even the latest pick-up from the Ford pick-up series so don’t bother looking under the hood. The newest toy from the company is the Ford Motor Company’s Sync system that is located in the dash of 21 new cars, trucks and crossovers. Though small in size, the chip’s capability is immense since this is known as the speech engine.

The microchip will run on Microsoft software and the presence of the Sync’s speech engine is the key to delivering a fully integrated voice-activated in-car communications and entertainment system. What this means is that when you talk to your car, the car will hear you and it will do something constructive for you. For this technology to work inside your car, you need to whip out your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or digital music player. Decide which one of the gadget you will use. If you are always on the go, then the Bluetooth-enabled phone is a wise choice. Pair or link your phone to Sync and this is as simple as connecting to a wireless Bluetooth handset. When the phone is hooked into the system, the Sync is ready to receive your voice commands.

Here is an example of the cadence of operations: Just press the ‘talking face’ button on the steering wheel and a computerized voice will respond by saying, ‘Please say a command’. Respond by saying ‘Phone’ then the Sync will say ‘Phone’. And depending on who you are calling, you can either say ‘Dial’ plus the digits or say ‘Call Home’. The call takes place using the car’s audio system.



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