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Blogging woes; Pacquiao stops De la Hoya

When you have been writing this kind of stuff for almost two years, it is difficult to shrug the topic altogether and it gets back to the system. And no matter how busy you are, it taps you in the back and say, “hey write something about me and update my life”. And so, it happens. It’s Christmas and the only thing that made me realize that it’s Christmas was the usual countdown that is done by local television networks.

In other news, Manny Pacquiao– the Philippine boxing pride won his ‘dream match’ against Oscar de la Hoya. Not that I watched it but hey, you cannot discount the impact it brings to the country. With almost nothing to be proud of this time here comes Manny Pacquiao doing the job for the country. Congrats to Manny! The once flamboyant Oscar de la Hoya was reduced to an old man when Pacquiao stopped him. Right from the start, the Pacman was the better one and the quicker one, and De la Hoya was unusually slow. The end for De la Hoya came at the end of the eighth round and his left eye swollen and his face bruised. In an interview, the boxer from Mexico said that his heart still wanted to fight but the body seems to be saying other things.  The eighth round is the end for the flamboyant boxer and could be the end for his career. Tough question to asked, and it remains to be seen.

And if you are wondering why I still have lots of time to post posts here well here is a little explanation- I did have some freelance writing gigs a month ago and I was asked to write materials of any topics I want. Since I’m still in the auto news rhythm, most of the articles I submitted was about cars so there you go. But why did I post it here? I was scammed. That lady didnt pay for the articles I submitted which was around 50 plus articles. Beware guys. The sweetest face may be the one that can hurt you.



One thought on “Blogging woes; Pacquiao stops De la Hoya

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    Posted by Bruce McIntire | December 7, 2008, 11:05 am

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