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Submersible car

Think of a car that can be used underwater. If you think that the image can only be seen on most James Bond movies, then think again. There is now a new model of car that can be used underwater, and that’s the sQuba considered as the world’s first real submersible car.

This car was first shown to the general public at the Geneva Motor Show that was held March 6th to March 16th 2008. The car was developed and conceived under the tutelage of Rinspeed boss Frank M. Rinderknecht, an acknowledged James Bond fanatic himself. Though there are some military vehicles that can travel underwater; this car’s unique design and its engineering will allow the vehicle to move like a fish underwater even at the depth of 10 meters.

The submersible car will work thanks to the special engineering used in the construction of the vehicle. The usual combustion engine was removed and in its place, several electric motors were used. Three motors are used at the rear of the vehicle and the first motor is designed to provide propulsion on land. The two other motors are used to drive the screws for underwater motoring. The motors are supported by two Seabob jet drives. The vehicle will be powered underwater by the rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. The good thing about this vehicle is that this is a zero-emissions car and does not produce exhaust emissions.



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