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Honda, Honda FCX Clarity

Hydrogen Car is Here

That’s the Honda FCX Clarity and production starts this week.

What makes the Honda Clarity a complete stand out in the field is the fact that it uses a fuel cell, and its streamlined layout that is made possible by the compact layout and the car’s efficient powertrain components. The car works and power itselfs by combining hydrogen with oxygen to make electricity. This electrical output is the one that powers the electrical motor and the one that pushes the Clarity to run on the road. The Clarity is emission-free as its only waste is water. The operation of the FCX is basically anchored on five steps. The Hydrogen tank is where the hydrogen is stored, there is the V Flow fuel cell stack that generates the electricity, the Lithium-ion battery that stores the electricity, the Power Drive Unit that manages the electrical flow and the electric drive motor that runs the Clarity.

The Hydrogen tank on board the Clarity is the place where Hydrogen is stored. The V Flow produces the electricity for the vehicle. It combines the hydrogen with oxygen from air and this results in the creation of the electricity. That electricity is the one that powers the motor and runs the vehicle. The fuel cell on board the car is made from thin electrolyte film that is wedged in betwen the two electrode layers in betweeb two separators. Hundred layers of these cells are then connected in series. So how does this works. The Hydrogen will be delivered into an anoded of the fuel cell. The Hydrogen molecules are then divided into electrons and protons thur the use of a catalyst. The electrons are then channeled through the circuit in order to produce electricity. The protons on the other hand pass thrugh a polymer electrolyte membrane. The oxygen enters the cathode and combines with electrons and protons to form water. In the end of the reaction, water vapor and heat are released. The Lithium-ion battery is a supplemental power source on the Clarity. This effectively replaces the ultra-capacitor from earlier FCX models. This is a small battery that cna fit underneath the rear seat. The compact electric motor that serves the Clarity is a small and powerful motor. The motor traces its roots to the one that’s developed by Honda for the EV PLus electric vehicle. Low noise and high efficiency; things that can be delivered by this motor for the Clarity. The Power Drive Unit or the PDU manages the electrical power produced by the car. This is compact and high performing as well. Innovation marks the new powertrain of the FCX Clarity. With its design and layout, the powertrain of the vehicle has become graceful.



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