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Honda FCX Clarity, Hybrid

Jamie Lee Curtis and 199 Others For FCX Clarity

In a step towards clean burning technology, Honda has started the production of their Honda FCX Clarity. The automaker revealed as well that they are planning to produce just 200 of these futuristic vehicles and just this week the company has announced their first five customers. And Jamie Lee Curtis is part of that list.

The start of the production of the FCX was celebrated in a ceremony at a factory somewhere in Tokyo. The automaker reveals that the FCX Clarity can be easily filled up at the pump and can be driven 280 miles in a full tank, comparable to a gasoline car. This car will get a high fuel efficiency as well. Tough it may look good, this same technology got some issues as well. One problem that is encountered by the manufacturer is the prohibitive cost of the of the fuel cells. But Honda assured people that it has found ways in order to drive cost down, and that can allow them to mass produce the said car. Just this week, the company showed visitors and reporters its fuel cell production line that looks like a semi conductor factory.

The move of Honda right now is part strategic and part safety on its part so that it won’t pale in comparison with its competitor, Toyota. When it comes to hybrids, the Toyota thru its Prius is known as the leader and the promoter of the technology. But it isn’t Toyota’s Prius as the first car of its kind in the market. It was Honda thru its Insight that was first introduced in the US market. But with its move rigth now, Honda can right whatever missteps it made by revealing A-lister customers. Aside from Jamie Lee Curtis, other personalities on the waiting list are Christopher Guest, Canadian actress Laura Harris and Oscar winning Little Miss Sunshine Producer Ron Yerza.



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