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Infiniti G35/Nissan Skyline

The current Nissan Skyline 350 GT that’s available in the market is sold as the Infiniti G35. Aside from the North American market, the Nissan Skyline/Infiniti G35, this car is also sold in South Korea, Taiwan and the Middle East. This car is an entry-level luxury car/midsize car that’s produced by Nissan’s Infiniti. This is Nissan’s own luxury division. The Skyline/Infiniti G35 is available in sedan and in coupe. This car from Infiniti is available in two generations and a 2005 refresh.

The first generation of the G35 was introduced in the North American market as a replacement for the Infiniti G20. The car is based on the platform that is shared with the Nissan 350Z sports car and the Infiniti FX crossover SUV. When this car was introduced in 2003, the car received positive reviews from critics and was also seen as a good alternative to the more expensive luxury cars that are available during that time. Some of the awards generated by the first generation G35 include a citation for North American Car of the Year and this was included as well on Car and Driver mag listing for Ten Best for 2003 and 2004.

The first generation of was refreshed for 2005. Much of the improvements were done on its styling. The interior of the G35 was given sportier gauges with better backlighting. The tinted interior trim was replaced by genuine aluminum trim. The dash and the center console was re-styled as well. The Rosewood trim was now available as a package on the 2005 refreshed version. Entertainment packages in the form of the MP3/WMA playback was added to the car. Brakes was improved as well as a response to concerns of premature wear on the 2003-2004 models.

The second generation of the G35 was introduced in 2007. This car was powered by a new engine, the VQ35HR. The HR stands for High Revolution.



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