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Hype is On for Hydrogen Cars

With market looking grim, the boost and hype for alternative fuels and fuel efficient vehicles continues to grow. And right now, it’s the time of hype for the hydrogen cars. And to make its mark on the public minds, Hollywood A-listers lend their names and faces in hyping these cars.

One such Hollywood celebrity that promote these car is the Oscar-winning writer and director Paul Haggis. Haggis owns four Toyota Priuses and on the waiting list as well to buy the $100,000 Tesla electric roadster. And upon hearing the new Honda FCX Clarity- a hydrogen car that can get you 270 miles on a tank and emits nothing but water, Haggis intends to drive it as well. Another Hollywood name is Joely Fisher of Fox’s Til Death TV show. She arranged for BMW to loan her the sleek metallic blue Hydrogen 7-Series. There are only 20 of cars of this kind in the country, since this is just experimental.



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