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$30M For Plug-in Hybrid Research

Too little, too late? Either way, at least the government showed its determination in making sure that hybrid plug-in research will get the attention of most carmakers. The government thru Department of Energy has earmarked $30 million to develop and demonstrate Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles research projects over the next three years. The said amount will be shared by Ford, General Motors and General Electric. The department said that the projects that can be funded by the money will hasten the development of vehicles traveling up to 40 miles without recharging. The said project will also address critical barriers to achieving the DOE’s goal of making such cars cost-competitive by 2014 and by making these cars ready for commercialization by 2016.

The announcement was made by the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Andy Karsner. Selected projects will be undertaken and these projects are geared towards the acceleration of the development of PHEVS. The Assistant Secretary added that this demonstrated a shared public-private sector commitment to advance clean vehicle technologies and can help reduce the dependence on oil and at the same time confronting the serious challenges of climate changes. He added that the Department remains committed to the research, development and deployment of cleaner and more efficient vehicle options for consumers from laboratory to the street.



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