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Shape-Changing Concept by BMW


Calling Batman.

Is it possible to change the shape of your car, by just a simple touch of a button? For BMW, that can happen in the future, and in fact the company is working on a concept that can allow the BMW driver to change the looks of the car’s exterior and body just by a touch of a button. BMW’s GINA Light Vision Visionary Model actually tries to do that. This concept is actually a two-seater concept car that wears a flexible and virtually seamless skin that is made of a textile fabric and then stretched over a metal wire structure enforced with carbon fiber. This would then give the driver with the flexibility to change the shape of the car from within and without.

The near-seamless, stretchable fabric that can contort into different shapes is water-proof and temperature-resistant. This special fabric is draped over a high-strength metal wire structure that features a series of carbon fiber and steel mesh in different locations. The appearance of the cars can be changed by means of switches. Take the car’s headlights. The headlights will remain hidden until the driver switch it on. If the engine of the concept car needs to be accessed, then the bonnet can be unzipped down the middle to create a half-meter-wide gap. Not all body changes need to be started by a switch. Some are automatic. For an improved aerodynamics at higher speeds, the roadster concept will generate extra downforce by deploying a rear spoiler. The concept was based on one principle, that’s to display only the functions that are relevant to the driver’s present driving situation.

Though the pictures of the concept has just been released, this concept car dates back to 2001. It has been reported as well that the GINA concept uses the platform of the Z8 roadster, the ones that were last sold in 2003. The designers of the concept calls the car a concept car behind a concept, and calls the car an object of research. GINA stands for Geometry and Functions in N Adaptions.

But this BMW GINA won’t be coming to the showrooms near you just yet. But its maker hopes that the design will rub off on some of BMW’s future models. If you would like to see the GINA personally, then you can visit the car at the BMW museum in Munich, Germany.



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