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Cleaner X-Trail by Nissan

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The competition among automakers in the environmentally-friendly car sector is heating up, amid the growing concerns for climate change and the escalating prices of petrol. This recent developments has pushed some automakers, particularly General Motors and Ford to rethink their profits and at the same time to rethink their productions. Ford is about to cut its production of the pick-up trucks and GM is set to re-evaluate some of its models, particularly its Hummer. But it isn’t just the American automakers who are taking hits and making adjustments. Japanese car makers are in it as well, and one automaker that is serious in making its move and making it matters is Nissan.

Nissan in its bid to introduce cleaner vehicles using cleaner technology is set to introduce the Nissan X-Trail sport utility vehicle that will feature a new diesel engine in Japan in September. This move by Nissan will enable the company to effectively meet the new emission regulatory standards that is set to take effect in October 2009. Japan is set to introduce a new emission regulatory standards that is known as the ‘Post New Long-Term Regulations by 2009. Now in order to beat this regulation, Nissan plans to introduce the cleaner version of the X-Trail. To make its introduction formal, the X-Trail is to be introduced at the G8 Summit. Delegates and members of the media that will attend the summit will have the opportunity to test drive the X-Trail and see related technology exhibits.

The technology used on the new X-Trail was co-developed by Nissan and Renault. The M9R engine that the X-Trail uses incorporates a number of technologies. Some of the technologies incorporated on the engine include the Piezo-electric controlled injectors, the Commonrail system, variable nozzle turbos, diesel particulate filters, lean NOx-trap catalysts, sophisticated control-system for precise modulation of the DPF and catalysts in tandem with driving conditions.

The development of this kind of vehicle or technology is under the Nissan Green Program 2010.



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