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Carbon Capture Tech?

What would you say to a car that can recycle its C02 emissions and use this again as the fuel that can power the car again? Sounds like a story line out of a sci-fi thriller, don’t you think? But this isn’t far-fetched. The concept of recycling of this magnitude is now taken into the next level. Georgia Tech has developed a concept that can utilize the CO2 emissions out of the vehicle once again. The Carbon Capture Storage concept that will be developed by Georgia Tech is initially used to reduce the carbon emissions in power plants. But Georgia Institute of Technology wants to get it to the next level and wants to use this technology to combat the threat of pollution coming from automobiles. The concept includes a system wherein the carbon is isolated from fossil fuels, which are disposed of at a refueling station, and then recycled into new fuel. The good thing about this technology is that it will be carbon emission free, and it is also renewable and efficient. This technology, if it will materialize will greatly cut emissions coming from automobiles. Based on research and studies, nearly two-thirds of global carbon emissions are created by small polluters that include cars.

The concept car of Georgia Tech uses an onboard fuel processor, and this device is the one that will separate the hydrogen and the carbon elements in liquid hydrocarbon fuels. This hydrogen is the one that will power the engine, and carbon is stored on board. The prospect of having this kind of technology is actually promising. Carbon capturing will eliminate the problem of carbon emissions. But a problem still lies with this kind of concept. What will happen to the task of carbon disposal? Carbon disposal should be of course in line with the clean technology. It was suggested that the carbon can be injected into underground geological formations, and it will remain there for millions of years. The carbon can be dissolved in the ocean, but it poses a significant threat to all life forms in the ocean. Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology hope that a yet-to-be-developed method of synthesizing liquid fuel from carbon and water will be the final step in a truly reliable energy cycle.

More information about the concept and the technology can be read here.

Another industry player is set to premiere the same system, and the same technology. Origo Industries has developed a system that can capture the CO2 from the vehicle’s engine, and these captured emissions can be used to fuel the same vehicle and can be used as well to power a house. The system is based on a revolutionary new approach wherein the CO2 is regenerated through algae in a home unit, thus helping produce bio-oil. The technology of Origo will be displayed at the UK’s largest Green Motor Show.



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