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GM Rethinks Hummer

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In a growing admission that the growing cost of petrol may not be temporary, General Motors is about to rethink its position with regards to the production and the status of Hummer. This latest development came after General Motors Corp has announced Tuesday that it is closing its four truck plants that employs 10,000 workers. The move of the company doesn’t end with the closure of these plants, the company added that it could sell its Hummer brand, one of the more recognizable vehicle under the GM stable. The main reason why the plants are closed and the Hummer brand is to be re-evaluated is because of the escalating prices of petrol. The country’s largest automaker sees this factor as a permanent threat to business. The announcement was made by GM’s Chief Executive Rick Wagoner in a news conference before the annual meeting. He said that the company will close the four North American truck plants and will add shifts at two US plants that makes the more popular and more fuel efficient cars. The Chief Executive added that the company is reviewing the status of Hummer and added that the company could sell the SUV. Wagoner added;

High gasoline prices are changing consumer behavior rapidly. We at GM don’t think this is a spike or temporary shift. We believe that it is by and large permanent.

The move of the company to reconsider the Hummer comes as the price of petrol continues to hover around $4.00 in the country. And this development has led consumers to rethink their options as well and has led them to patronize smaller, and fuel efficient cars. This can be seen on the latest reports that reflects smaller cars from Honda and Toyota has eclipsed Ford’ F Series as the best selling vehicle in the country. In response to the obvious shift in preferences by the consumers, Chief Executive Wagoner outlined the company’s plan to cut car production by 500,000 to 3.7 million vehicles a year.

The Hummer is a military-derived SUV that has become synonymous with gas-guzzling excesses thru the years.



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