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All About Hummer


Hummer got to my attention when some of my news search results revealed that GM is about to re-evaluate Hummer amid the growing shift in consumer preferences and escalating prices of petrol. So here’s a brief background info about the Hummer.

Hummer is a brand under General Motors. There are three versions of Hummer in the market, the H1, the H2 and the H3. The H1 Hummer is the version that is based on the military High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehilce or the Humvee. The H2 and the H3 on the other hand were introduced to cater to the civilian market. Hummers are considered as SUVs though other markets see Hummers as trucks. This is the only vehicle brand in the US whose entire model range comes standard with a low-range transfer case, high-ground clearance and off-road tires, making these vehicles truly perfect for off-road use.

Though Hummer is an iconic figure in the market and has its own fans, a number of criticisms have been thrown at this vehicle. Poor fuel economy. This vehicle have poor fuel economy. safety is an issue as well. Because of the vehicle’s weight, it takes longer and farther to stop in a number of braking situations. Compared to other SUVS, the Hummer lacks standard safety features like the child safety locks, child seat tethers, side air bags and stability control. Size is another issue that affects Hummer. Drivers and the enthusiasts may find it hard to park the vehicle.



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